Restorative Dentistry Services in Fort Worth

With your routine oral care at home and the best preventive dentistry Fort Worth has to offer, you and Dr. Coleman King do a lot to maintain the health and beauty of your smile. However, at some point almost everyone needs some type of restorative dentistry to repair, rebuild or replace a tooth. At Summer Creek Dentistry, we have all of the restorative treatments you need to once again have a smile that is structurally sound, functional and attractive. Dr. Coleman King and her team might not only improve your smile and oral health, they also stand a good chance of improving your quality of life.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have long been a dentistry standard for restoring a tooth that is severely damaged by decay or structural injury. Dr. Coleman King uses porcelain to construct crowns, a material that is strong and natural looking. For dental crowns in 76123, contact Summer Creek Dentistry.


A dental bridge in Fort Worth is used in conjunction with two dental crowns to replace missing teeth. The dental crowns are placed over abutment teeth on either side of the gap in your smile to support the bridge of false teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Gone are the days when having a filling meant having a dark spot in your smile. Now, dentists like Dr. Coleman King use tooth-colored fillings. Made of composite resin material, these fillings not only match the color of the remaining tooth structure, they also add strength by bonding directly to your tooth.

Partial and Full Dentures

For our patients who need to replace missing teeth, Summer Creek Dentistry offers partial and full dentures in 76123. A partial consists of one or more false teeth that are attached to a metal frame. The frame includes clips or brackets that securely hook on to adjacent teeth.

Full dentures are for our patients who are edentulous on the upper or lower arch. In this case, false teeth are mounted on a snug fitting base designed to look like natural gum tissue.

Root Canals

Each tooth in your mouth is built like a fortress with enamel and dentin protecting the nerve inside. However, when severe tooth decay or other type of damage gives bacteria access to the interior pulp chamber, painful infection can ensue. In this case, a root canal is performed to clean away the infection, refill the tooth, and preserve it with a dental crown.

Dental Sealants

This clear coating of hard plastic goes on as a liquid and is then quickly dried to a solid, becoming a barrier between molars and the bacteria and acids that lead to tooth decay.

We're proud to serve patients from Fort Worth, Haltom City, North Richland Hills, Benbrook, Crowley, Burleson, and all surrounding cities. Call for your restorative service today.