What is a Family Dentist in Fort Worth?

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The health of your family’s teeth is very important to you, so like many, you go to the internet to search for a dentist. Other than being bombarded with thousands of results, you start to notice terms like “general dentist” and “family dentist” being mentioned quite often, and it gets you wondering as to which your family actually needs. What makes a family dentist in Fort Worth different than a general dentist? Which one is best for you? Being a mother herself, Dr. Jasmine King understands that these are the kinds of questions parents really need answered, so on this page, she’s going to discuss why she is proud to call herself a family dentist in Fort Worth.

What it Means to be a Family Dentist

In terms of education and training, a family dentist and general dentist actually do not differ. Both have to go to dental school, complete a residency, and so on to gain the knowledge and skill they need to provide high-quality dental care. The big difference stems from the kinds of patients they treat.

A family dentist is dedicated to serving entire families under one roof, including young children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. A general dentist may only serve a certain kind of patient or perform only a few specialized procedures, while a family dentist’s goal is to be the one place a family has to go to take care of their teeth.

That means if you have a child who is ready for their first dental appointment, a spouse who needs a cavity repaired, and you want to whiten your own smile before a special event, you can do it all with a family dentist. They’re able to provide comprehensive preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and specialized dental care to patients of all ages so families don’t have to run around town to get all of the services they need. This leads to a longstanding and fulfilling relationship where the family completely trusts their dentist and the dentist has a complete understanding of a family’s unique dental needs.

More Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

In addition to the one stop convenience and trust you can build with a family dentist, they are also able to treat patients throughout their lifetime as their dental needs change. A child’s dental needs are very different from a teenager’s, and an adult’s are quite different from a senior’s. Having an understanding of these nuances is important to everyone getting the personalized care they need, and this is a level of attention you simply can’t expect from your typical general dentist.

From Our Family to Yours

At Summer Creek Dentistry, our goal is to become an extended part of your family. We’ll make sure that whenever you have a gathering, holiday, or celebration, everyone will have a bright, healthy smile they’ll be eager to show off. Whether you just need routine checkups and cleanings or something more involved, you can trust that we’ll always have exactly what your family needs.

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